The Great, Parliamentary, or Bannerets' Roll, c. 1312
The Parliamentary Roll (aka: The Great Roll or The Bannerets' Roll) is an English roll of arms dating to about 1312, consisting of 19 vellum leaves measuring 6" x 8.25", and including the names and blazons for 1,110 English nobles, knights and deceased lords of the day.

The roll is part of the British Museum's manuscript collection: MS. Cotton, Caligula A. XVIII, ff. 3-21b.

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"Ces sunt les Noms e les Armes a Banerez de Engletere"
These being the names and arms of the Bannerets of England

"Le Roy de Engletere"
King of England

"Le Counte de Gloucestre"
Gilbert de Clare,
Earl of Gloucester

"Le Counte de Cornewaille"
Piers Gaveston,
Earl of Cornwall

"Le Counte de Nichole"
Henry de Lacy,
Earl of Lincoln

"Le Counte de Lancastre"
Thomas of Lancaster,
Earl of Lancaster

"Le Counte"
no blazon

"Le Counte"
no blazon

"Le Counte de Garene"
John de Warenne,
Earl of Surrey

"Le Counte de Hereford"
Humphrey de Bohun,
Earl of Hereford

"Le Counte de Warwik"
Guy de Beauchamp,
Earl of Warwick

"Le Counte de Penbroc"
Aymer de Valence,
Earl of Pembroke

"Le Counte de Arundel"
Edmund FitzAlan,
Earl of Arundel

"Le Counte de Rugemound"
John of Brittany,
Earl of Richmond

"Le Counte de Oxenford"
Robert de Vere,
Earl of Oxford

"Le Evesque Antoyn de dureem e Patark"
Antony Bek, Bishop of Durham and Patriarch of Jerusalem

"Sire Joh'n Wake"
Sir John Wake
Lord of Liddell

"Sire Joh'n de Ferers"
Sir John de Ferrers,
Lord of Chartley

"Sire Rog'r de Mortimer"
Sir Roger Mortimer,
Baron Mortimer

"Sire Rog'r de Mortimer le oncle"
Sir Roger Mortimer,
Lord of Chirk

"Sire Henri de Lancastre"
Sir Henry of Lancaster,
(Later Earl of Leicester and Lancaster)

"Sire Joh'n de Hastinges"
Sir John Hastings,
Baron Hastings

"Sire Will'm de Hastinges"
Sir Willima Hastings,
son of the Baron

"Sire Rauf de Monhermer"
Sir Ralph de Monthermer,
Baron Monthermer

"Sire Hue le Despenser"
Sir Hugh le Despencer,
Baron le Despencer

"Sire Hue sun Filz"
Sir Hugh le Despencer,
the Younger

"Sire Rob't le Filz Rog'r"
Sir Robert Fitz Roger,
Lord of Clavering

"Sire Joh'n de Claveringe"
Sir John de Clavering,
son of Robert fitz Roger

"Sire Henri de Percy"
Sir Henry de Percy,
Lord of Alnwick

"Sire Rauf le Filz Will'm"
Sir Ralph FitzWilliam,
Lord of Grimthorpe

"Sire Will'm de Ros"
Sir William de Ros,
Baron Ros of Helmsley

"Sire Will'm de Ros de Yngmanthorpe"
Sir William de Ros,
of Ingmanthorpe

"Sire Richard de Clare"
Sir Richard de Clare

"Sire Rob't fiz Waric"
Sir Robert FitzWalter,
Feudal Lord of Dunmow

"Sire Thebaud de Verdoun"
Sir Theobald de Verdon,
Lord of Webley

"Sire Joh'n Giffard"
Sir John Giffard,
Baron of Brimsfield

"Sire Joh'n de sein Joh'n"
Sir John de St. John,
Baron St. John

"Sire Will'm le Latimer"
Sir William Latimer,
Baron Latimer

"Sire Rob't de Clifford"
Sir Robert de Clifford
Baron de Clifford

"Sire Thomas de Moltone"
Sir Thomas de Multon,
Baron Multon of Gilsland

"Sire Joh'n de Mowbray"
Sir John de Mowbray,
Baron Mowbray

"Sire Joh'n de Segrave"
Sir John de Segrave,
Baron Segrave

"Sire Nicholas de Segrave"
Sir Nicholas de Segrave,
Lord of Stowe

"Sire Aleyn la Souche"
Sir Alan la Zouche,
Baron Zouche of Ashby

"Sire Willm la Souche"
Sir William la Zouche,
Baron Zouche

"Sire Hue de Courteny"
Sir Hugh de Courtenay,
(later Earl of Devon)

"Sire Thomas de Greley"
Sir Thomas de Gresley,
Banneret and Baron

"Sire Hue de Veer"
Sir Hugh de Vere,
de Jure Baron of Swanscombe

"Sire Rob't de Monhaut"
Sir Robert de Mohaut
Banneret and Baron

"Sire Rob't Thony"
Sir Robert de Toni,
Lord of Flamstead

"Sire Richard de Grey"
Sir Richard de Grey,
Banneret of Codnor

"Sire Joh'n de Grey"
Sir John de Grey,
Banneret of Wilton

"Sire Joh'n de Someri"
Sir John de Someri,
Banneret and Baron

"Sire Aleyn Plokenet"
Sir Alan Plucknett,

"Sire Payn Thippetot"
Sir Pain Tiptoft,
Baron Tibetot

"Sire Joh'n Boutetor"
Sir John de Botetourt,
Baron Botetourt

"Sire Joh'n de Monfort"
Sir John de Montfort,
(later Duke of Brittany)

"Sire Joh'n de Engayne"
Sir John de Engaine,
Baron Engaine

"Sire Will'm de Kyme"
Sir William de Kyme,
(later Baron Kyme)

"Sire Johan Lovel"
Sir John Lovel,
(later Baron Lovel, of Tichmersh)

"Sire Will'm de Leyborne"
Sir William de Leyburn,
Baron Leyburn

"Sire Peres de Maulee"
Sir Peter de Mauley,
Baron Mauley

"Sire Joh'n Deyvile"
Sir John Deyville,

"Sire Joh'n Marmyoun"
Sir John de Marmion,
Baron Marmion, of Wetrington

"Sire Moris de Berkeleye"
Sir Maurice de Berkeley,
(later Baron Berkeley)

"Sire Brian fiz Aleyn"
Sir Brian FitzAlan,
Lord of Bedale

"Sire Will'm de Breouse"
Sir William de Braose,
Lord of Gower

"Sire Thomas Bardolf"
Sir Thomas Bardolf,

"Sire Joh'n de Beuchaump
de Somsete"

Sir John de Beauchamp,
Baron Beauchamp of Somerset

"Sire Amori de Seint Amaunt"
Sir Almaric de St. Amand,
Baron St. Amand

"Sire Joh'n le Estrange"
Sir John le Strange,
Baron Strange, of Knokyn

"Sire Roger le Estrange"
(later Baron Strange, of Knokyn)

"Sire Fouk le Estrange"
Sir Fulk le Strange,
Baron Strange, of Blackmere

"Sire Joh'n le fiz Renaud"
Sir John Fitz Reginald,
Baron Fitz-Herbert

"Sire Peres Corbeht"
Sir Peter Corbet,

"Sire Joh'n de Hodelestone"
Sir John de Huddleston,

"Sire Will'm Vavasour"
Sir William le Vavasour,
Baron Vavasour

"Sire Rob't le fiz Pain"
Sir Robert Fitz Payne,
Baron Fitz-Payne

"Sire Rauf de Gorges"
Sir Ralph de Gorges,
Baron Gorges

"Sire John de Ryveres"
Sir John de Rivers,
Banneret and Baron

"Sire Wauter de Hontercombe"
Sir Walter de Huntercombe,
Baron Huntercombe

"Sire Geffrei de Say"
Sir Geoffrey de Say,
Baron Say

"Sire Rob't de Eschales"
Sir Robert de Scales,
Baron Scales

"Sire John de Moun"
Sir John de Mohun,
Baron Mohun

"Sire Will'm le Marechal"
Sir William Marshal,
Baron Marshal

"Sire Joh'n de la Mare"
Sir John de la Mare,
Baron de la Mare

"Sire Henri Tyeis"
Sir Henry Tyes,
Baron Tyes

"Sire Waut' de Teye"
Sir Walter de Teyes,

"Sire Gilb't Peche"
Sir Gilbert Peche,
Baron Peche, of Brunne

"Sire Will'm de Ferreres"
Sir William Ferrers,
Baron Ferrers, of Groby

"Sire Will'm de Hontyngfeld"
Sir William de Huntingfield

"Sire Joh'n de Moules"
Sir John de Moels,
Baron Moels

"Sire Will'm Thochet"
Sir William Touchet,
Baron Touchet

"Sire Roger de Morteyn"
Sir Roger de Morteyn

"Sire Adam de Welles"
Sir Adam de Welles,
Baron Welles

"Sire Joh'n d'Argentein"
Sir John de Argentine,
Baron de Argentine

"Sire Rauf Basset"
Sir Ralph Basset,
Baron Basset, of Drayton

"Sire Will'm de Graunson"
Sir William de Grandison,
Baron Grandison

"Sire Will'm de Vesci"
Sir William de Vescy,

"Sire Edward Burnel"
Sir Edward Burnell,
Baron Burnell

"Sire Will'm Martin"
Sir William Martin,
Baron Martin

"Sire Rob't del Yle"
Sir Robert de L'Isle,

"Sire Tohm' de Fornival"
Sir Thomas de Furnival,
Baron Furnival

"Sire Randolf de Nevyle"
Sir Ranulph de Nevill,
Baron Nevill, of Raby

"Sire Joh'n de Wylingtone"
Sir John de Willington,
Baron Willington

"Sire Joh'n Deygcourt"
Sir John Deyncourt,

"Sire Will'm de Leybourne
du Norht"

Sir William de Leyborne,

"Sire Nicholas de Estlee"
Sir Nicholas Astley,

"Sire Joh'n de la Ware"
Sir John de la Warr,

"Sire Joh'n de Kynkestone"
Sir John de Kingston,

"Sire Richard de Sottone"
Sir Richard de Sutton,

"Sire Elys Daubeny"
Sir Elias Daubeney,
Baron Daubeney

"Sire Joh'n de Suleye"
Sir John de Sudley,
Baron Sudley

"Sire Hue de Neyvile"
Sir Hugh de Nevill,

"Sire Nicholas de Poyns"
Sir Nicholas de Poyntz,

"Sire Henri Tregoz"
Sir Henry Tregoz,
Baron Tregoz

"Sire Nich' de Audeley"
Sir Nicholas de Audley,
Baron Alditheley

"Sire Will'm Saunsum"
Sire William Sampson,

"Sire Rob't de Wylebi"
Sir Robert de Willoughby,
Baron Willoughby, of Eresby

"Sire Will'm de Ryye"
Sir William de Rythre,
Baron Rythre

"Sire Henri de Beumond"
Sir Henry de Beaumont,
Baron Beaumont

"Sire Nich' de Vepound"
Sir Nicholas de Vipount,

"Sire Joh'n de Cromwelle"
Sir John de Cromwell,

"Sire Richard Siward"
Sir Richard Syward,

"Sire Eustace de la Hacche"
Sir Eustace de Hacche,
Baron Hacche

"Sire Joh'n Dodingseles"
Sir John Doddingsells,

"Sire Felyp Darci"
Sir Philip D'Arcy,
Baron D'Arcy

"Sire Richard Lovel"
Sir Richard Lovel,

"Sire Rob't de Hoylande"
Sir Robert de Holland,

"Sire Adam de Everingh'm"
Sir Adam de Everingham,

"Sire Henri le fiz Hue"
Sir Henry le Fitz Hugh,

"Sire Urien de Seinpere"
Sir Uryan de St. Pierre,

"Sire Will'm de Bermyngh'm"
Sir William de Bermingham,

"Sire Wauter Faucounberge"
Sir Walter de Fauconberg,
Baron Fauconberg

"Sire Nich' de Meynel"
Sir Nicholas de Meinill,
Baron Meinill

"Sire Thomas de Chauworde"
Sir Thomas de Chaworth,

"Sire Rob't de Hyltone"
Sir Robert de Hilton,
Baron Hilton

"Sire Geffrey de Canvyle"
Sir Geoffrey de Camville,
Baron Camville, of Clifton

"Sire Joh'n de Baddeh'm"
Sir John ap Adam,
Baron de Ap-Adam

"Sire Joh'n del Yle"
Sir John de L'Isle,

"Sire Nich' de Carru"
Sir Nicholas de Carew,

"Sire Fouk fiz Warin"
Sir Fulke fitz Warine,
Baron Fitz-Warine

"Sire Joh'n fiz Marmaduc"
Sir John fitz Marmaduke,

"Sire Marmaduc de Tuenge"
Sir Marmaduke de Thweng,

"Le Baroun de Estafforde"
Sir Edmund Stafford,
Baron Stafford

"Sire Joh'n de Lancastre"
Sir John de Lancaster,
Baron Lancaster

"Sire Will'm de Cresci"
Sir William de Cressy,

"Sire Joh'n de Harcort"
Sir John de Harcourt,

"Sire Joh'n Maut'vers"
Sir John Maltravers,
Baron Maltravers

"Sire Symon de Montagu"
Sir Simon de Montacute,
Baron Montacute

"Sire Bertelmeu de Badlesmere"
Sir Bartholomew de Badlesmere,
Baron Badlesmere

"Sire Richard de Bascrevile"
Sir Richard Baskerville,

"Sire Rauf de Grandone"
Sir Ralph de Grendon,
Baron Grendon

"Sire Joh'n de Cauntelo"
Sir John Cantelupe,

"Sire Will'm de Cauntelo"
Sir William de Cantilupe,
Baron Cantilupe

"Sire Peres de Gresle"
Sir Piers de Gresley,

"Sire John de Wigketone"
Sir John de Wigton,

"Sire Will'm de Boterels"
Sir William de Boterel,

"Sire Rob't de Estotevile"
Sir Robert de Stoteville,

"Sire Wauter de Beuchamp"
Sir Walter de Beauchmap,

"Sire Rauf de Camoys"
Sir Ralph de Camoyes,

"Sire Olyver Dynaunt"
Sir Oliver Dinant,

"Sire Giles de Breouse"
Sir Giles de Braose,

"Sire Wauter de Maudby"
Sir Walter de Mautby,

"Sire Joh'n Paynel"
Sir John Paynell,

"Sire Joh'n Briaunsoun"
Sir John Bryanson,

"Sire Joh'n de Charlestone"
Sir John de Charleston,

"Sire Edmon de Hastinges"
Sir Edmund de Hastings,

"Sire Richard de Charoune"
Sir Richard de Charron,

"Sire Simoun Varde"
Sir Simon Ward,

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