The Great, Parliamentary, or Bannerets' Roll, c. 1312
The Parliamentary Roll (aka: The Great Roll or The Bannerets' Roll) is an English roll of arms dating to about 1312, consisting of 19 vellum leaves measuring 6" x 8.25", and including the names and blazons for 1,110 English nobles, knights and deceased lords of the day.

The roll is part of the British Museum's manuscript collection: MS. Cotton, Caligula A. XVIII, ff. 3-21b.

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"Ces Sount les nons e les armes abatues de Grandseignors"
These being the names and arms of deceased great lords

"Le Counte de Cestre"
Randolph de Blondeville,
Earl of Chester

"Le Counte de Salesburs"
William Longespée,
Earl of Salisbury

"Le Counte de Leycestre"
Simon de Montfort,
Earl of Leicester

"Le Counte de Ferers"
William de Ferrers
Earl of Derby

"Le Counte de Kent"
Hubert de Burgh,
Earl of Kent

"Le Counte de Devenyschire"
Baldwin de Redvers,
Earl of Devon

"Le Counte de Wincestre"
Roger de Quincy,
Earl of Winchester

"Le Counte de Cornewaille"
Richard of Cornwall,
Earl of Cornwall

"Le Counte de Mareschal"
Roger Bigod,
Earl of Norfolk,
Marshal of England

"Sire Gilberd de Guant"
Sir Gilbert de Gaunt,
Baron of Falkingham

"Sire Will'm le Monchensi"
Sir William Munchensy,
Lord of Winfarthing

"Sire Richard le filz Joh'n"
Sir Richard Fitz John,
Lord of Shere

"Sire Paterik de Chauworye"
Sir Patrick de Chaworth,
Baron of Kidwelly

"Sire Joh'n de Baylolf"
Sir John de Balliol,
Lord of Hitchin

"Sire Rob't Thony"
Sir Robert de Tony,
Lord of Belvoir

"Sire Roberd de Thateshale"
Sir Robert de Tateshall,
Lord of Buckenham

"Ly Sir' de la Pole"
Possibly Sir John de la Pole

"Sire Roberd de la Warde"
Sir Robert de la Ward,
Baron de la Ward

"Sire Joh'n de Fenes"
Sir John de Fenes

"Sire Joh'n Rossel"
Sir John Russell

"Sire Eble de Mounz"
Sir Eble (or Ellis) Mounce

"Sire Renaud de Coupenne"
Sir Reynold de Coupen

"Sire Bert'm de Moncocher"
Sir Bertram de Monbocher

"Sire Gerard de Frenney"
Sir Gerard de Freney

"Sire Nich' de la Rivir'"
Sir Nicholas de la River

"Sire Thomas de Bekeringe"
Sir Thomas de Beckering

"Sire Renaud de Blanmoster"
Sir Reynold de Blanchminster

"Sire Thomas de Rugemond"
Sir Thomas de Richmond

"Sire Richard le Brun"
Sir Richard le Brun

"Sire Peres Becard"
Sir Piers Becard

"Sire Rauf de Bolmer"
Sir Ralph de Bulmer

"Sire Rog' de Bolmer"
Sir Roger de Bulmer

"Sire Herberd de Seinq'ntyn"
Sir Herbert de Saint Quintin

"Sire Will'm Basset"
Sir William Basset

"Sire Richard le Waleys"
Sir Richard le Waleis

"Sire Joh'n de Resoun"
Sir John de Resonne

"Sire Will'm de Peingtone"
Sir William de Peyton

"Sire Rob't de Plomtone"
Sir Robert de Plumpton

"Sire Thoms de Pykeringe"
Sir Thomas de Pickering

"Sire Rob't de Pirepound"
Sir Robert de Pierpont

"Sire Joh'n Sothulle"
Sir John Sothill

"Sire Joh'n Mauleverer"
Sir John Maleverer

"Sire Joh'n Daubeny"
Sir John Daubeny

"Sire Henri le Skrop"
Sir Henry le Scrope

"Sire Walt' Fauconberge"
Sir Walter Fauconberg

"Sire Joh'n de Clevedone"
Sir John de Clifton

"Sire Joh'n de Sottone"
Sir John de Soltone

Sir Henry Fauconbridge

"Sire Geffrey de Opsale"
Sir Geoffrey de Upsale

"Sire Huge de Holingsheved"
Sir Hugh de Hollingshed

"Sire Joh'n de Walkingh'm"
Sir John de Walkingham

"Sire Richard de Barlingh'm"
Sir Richard de Berlingham

"Sire Huge de Elaunde"
Sir Hugh de Elande

"Sire Walt' de Monecastre"
Sir Walter de Muncaster

"Sire Gerard de Ousflet"
Sir Gerard de Ufflete

"Sire Henri de Kyngestone"
Sir Henry de Kingston

"Sire Thomas de Bork"
Sir Thomas de Bork

"Sire Rob't Tyllol"
Sir Robert Tillioll

"Sire Will'm Mauleverer"
Sir William Mauleverer

"Sire Joh'n de Cormayles"
Sir John de Cormayle

"Sire Joh'n de Oeure"
Sir John de Eure

"Sire Thomas de Colevile"
Sir Thomas de Colville

"Sire Joh'n Malebis"
Sir John Malebys

"Sire Joh'n de Haveringtone"
Sir John de Haverington

"Sire Michel de Haveringtone"
Sir Michael de Haverington

"Sire Walt' de Striklande"
Sir Walter de Strickland

"Sire Thomas le Rous"
Sir Thomas le Rous

"Sire Rob't de Ekeleshale"
Sir Robert de Eccleshall

"Sire Rob't de Asscheby"
Sir Robert de Ashbye

"Sire Thomas de Schefeld"
Sir Thomas de Sheffield

"Sire Roberd de Conestable"
Sir Robert de Constable

"Sire Tohm' de Mounteny"
Sir Thomas de Mounteney

"Sire Joh'n de Mounteny"
Sir John de Mounteney

"Sir' Joh'n Deyville"
Sir John Deyville

"Sire Joh'n de Coyners"
Sir John de Conyers

"Sire Rob't de Coyners"
Sir Robert de Conyers

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